Artist Average Salary
Artist Average Salary

Artist Average Salary

Artist Average Salary – To be an artist is will-o’-the-wisp of almost everyone in the world. But, do you ever think about how much an artist’s average salary makes? If you wonder whether such a profession could make your life, this is the right place to start.

Here you will know how much money an artist can earn per year. Not all types of artist will have the same earnings; their salary varies widely. Concept or digital artists possibly make similarly with fine artists. But music artists may obtain different incomes.

Artist Average Salary

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
San Francisco, CA$57,471$4,789$1,105$27.63
Fremont, CA$55,075$4,590$1,059$26.48
San Jose, CA$53,563$4,464$1,030$25.75
Oakland, CA$52,961$4,413$1,018$25.46
Tanaina, AK$52,766$4,397$1,015$25.37
Wasilla, AK$52,765$4,397$1,015$25.37
Hayward, CA$51,852$4,321$997$24.93
Jackson, WY$51,727$4,311$995$24.87
Norwalk, CT$51,612$4,301$993$24.81
Sunnyvale, CA$51,602$4,300$992$24.81
Artist Average Salary

What Is Artist?

Artist is commonly defined as persons who create, practice and demonstrate arts. Artist refers to practitioners who perform in visual arts.

However, this term moves broadly to other fields like business, entertainment industries, graphic design, etc.

What Types of Artist?

Talking about artists means to describe professions occurring in a vast range of fields like crafting, fine arts, design, animation and even entertainment.

Subsequently, there are many kinds of artists slinging various labels. Here are some you may be familiar with:

  1. Fine artist (analogue, digital, live and concept artists)
  2. Visual and communication artist (crafting, painting, design, sculpture, public space arts)
  3. Graphic Design artist (design logo and photography)
  4. Illustrator & cover artist (design illustration for products)
  5. Teaching artist (provide art lessons)
  6. Sound artist

Tasks & Responsibilities

What does an artist do? Each artist’s task and responsibilities are not typically different; they are quite similar for some professions.

However, artists should perform some tasks to provide quality artistic programs. Here some of the artist’ responsibilities following the profession.

  • Generating and developing artistic project ideas.
  • Creating and developing a piece of work.
  • Carrying out administrative work.
  • Writing project proposals.
  • Managing arts production.
  • Collaborating with art teams (some artists may work independently).
  • Maintaining portfolios.
  • Evaluating projects or feedback.
  • Coordinating with other experts such as director, managers, copywriters, etc.
  • Carrying out self-promotion programs and financial planning.

The Qualifications

Most people want artists to have excellent creative skills. However, some are more interested in graduated artists; some still accept it without a degree. To be an artist at least needs the skills mentioned below.

  • Useful in organising and detail-oriented.
  • Can work under deadlines.
  • Ability to motivate others.
  • Have adequate visual skills, written and oral communication skills.
  • Possess artistic talent, self-belief.
  • Have determination and commitment.
  • Strong technical ability.
  • Best organisational and research skills.
  • Be flexible.
  • Have willingness and stamina to work for long hours.

How Artists Make Money?

An artist primarily earns money from creating art projects and selling them to art lovers. However, there are more ways for artists to get paid.

  1. Sell artworks in commercial galleries. This usually takes from 40% to 50% of the work sale.
  2. Take commission from selling art pieces in non-profit galleries.
  3. Promote gallery by undertaking co-op galleries. This might involve other groups of artists.
  4. Sell art pieces out of the studio.
  5. Use an online platform to sell artworks.
  6. Get private or public commissions from performances.
  7. Make money from grants or awards.
  8. Apply for residencies.
  9. Install work art in exhibits in museums or art centres.
  10. Get paid for teaching or guest artist projects.

There are many ways for artists to get more cents into their accounts. No wonder, according to averageSalary.Co if the average artist salary looks so promising. If you are starting a career, becoming an artist can be a good choice.