Average Data Analyst Salary

Average Data Analyst Salary

Data analyst jobs are increasing in demand across many sectors. The opportunities of job openings are estimated to reach 2 millions by the year. However, what about the average data analyst salary?

Is the career earning as high as its job prospects? Let’s find the answer through this article. Here you will get any information regarding data analyst job salary and descriptions.

Average Data Analyst Salary

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Data analysts refer to persons who is in charge with data gathering, interpreting as well as reporting to provide useful information for improving a business.

They translate data both in numbers or pictures into clear statements to help businesses or organizations know how to choose a decision and make better running.

Typical Categories

Every organization or business needs to collect data. That’s why this career appears in great varieties of contexts. It can be in market and sales researching, logistic, transportation cost or any businesses.

As a data analyst you may perform a series of procedures for a daily basis. There are typically 4 main categories of data analyst responsibilities..


You will evaluate data which occurred in the past like monthly revenues, yearly traffic, etc. to view trends.


Here you might deal with data diagnosis to find out dependences and forms. It helps businesses to identify the cause of good and bad outcomes by doing a descriptive data comparison.


The analysts’ charge is to establish prospective outcomes by noticing leanings in descriptive or diagnostic evaluations. You must provide recommendations for taking proactive actions for the business.


Here you should identify what kinds of business strategy to perform. In this process, you may work with multifaceted algorithms and cutting-edge technologies.

Key Tasks & Duties

As a data analyst, you will work typically with computer programs, software or any kinds of calculation apps. For your day-today work, you may perform the following tasks and duties.

  • Administer data like data creation, updates, and data deletion.
  • Organize users and user roles.
  • Design, create and sustain any data structures and databases.
  • Mine and reorganize data from any sources (primary or secondary).
  • Use statistical and calculational tools for interpreting data sets and analyse the result.
  • Prepare and create reports and any other documentation from various sources.
  • Fix any code problems and other related matters.
  • Collaborate with other professionals to determine chances for process and results improvements.


Data analysts occur in all segments including finances, consulting and manufacturing services, medicines, educational and governmental facilities.

As a data analyst, you may be employed in business intelligence, data quality and assurance, marketing and sales, and higher education programs.

Job Requirements

Since working with numbers and any kinds of data, data analysts should be organized and detail-oriented persons. Besides, there are other qualities to be a candidate of data analyst, such as:

  • Be able to analyse large and various datasets.
  • Be able to create wide-ranging reports or other documentations.
  • Good speaking and writing skills.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Thorough and detailed orientation.
  • Leadership and technical skills.

Other than that, you should also have a degree in some following subjects:

  • Computer science.
  • Math
  • Statistic.
  • Economic.
  • Business information system.
  • Information management.

A bachelor degree is commonly required, but graduate degrees are also popular these days.

The above review has mentioned several details about average data analyst salary. Working in data analysing is challenging as well as rewarding. So, why don’t you have a try on it?