Average High School Teacher Salary in California
Average High School Teacher Salary in California

Average High School Teacher Salary in California

Average High School Teacher Salary in California – Teacher is indeed a good and honorable job yet quite unworthy to become your primary source of income. However, becoming a teacher isn’t a cheesy choice in some places particularly in California. Then is the average high school teacher salary in California reasonable?

To answer such questions, better follow the highlights. Here we’ll elaborate some useful details about a high school teacher earning in CA.

We’ll also draw a brief information about teacher duties and job requirements. Then, we provide you with job setting data including the workplace and work schedule.

Average High School Teacher Salary in California

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
San Mateo$50,918$4,243$979$24.48
Daly City$48,999$4,083$942$23.56
Mountain View$46,904$3,909$902$22.55
San Francisco$46,350$3,863$891$22.28
Average High School Teacher Salary in California

High School Teacher: An Overview

Who doesn’t know a teacher? You may have been engaged with this kind of profession in all or some moment of your whole life. Teachers may work in varied institutions from kindergartens to colleges.

High school teachers, commonly specified to those who teach students from grades 9 through 12 in secondary schools only. They work for private or public education services and schools.

Secondary teachers are in charge of preparing and delivering lessons and teaching a particular subject to students in 9-12 levels.

Unlike primary schools’ teachers, high schools’ teachers are only liable to teach one specific subject such as English, physics, math, or chemistry. They’re also responsible to teach different levels of students during day-to-day work basis.

Tasks & Duties

What high school teachers do in their daily tasks might be similar to other school teachers. They officiate to do preparation, delivering as long as assessment for students’ knowledge, skills and performance. The following actions are some of their job descriptions.

  • Preparing lessons for students for daily classroom activities.
  • Planning lessons and instructing students in a particular subject teaching.
  • Designing activities for engaging students in cognitively stimulating work related to required standards.
  • Assessing students’ knowledge, skills, abilities, performances along their strength and weakness.
  • Developing and administering classroom guidelines and administrative rules.
  • Establishing a safe and supportive classroom environment.
  • Providing clear and strong behavior expectations for the students.
  • Preparing students for any standardized tests provided by the state.
  • Working with specific students to encounter them and advance the progress and abilities.
  • Adjusting and developing adaptation lessons for different students and class size.
  • Grading students’ course works and examinations.
  • Communicating with parents related to students’ progress
  • Supervising students inside and outside of the classroom activities.

Education & Skills

Minimum requirements for expected high school teachers in California include some followings.

1. Education

You should have a bachelor’s degree in a specific subject matter from one county-wide and accredited university. Besides, you need to complete a program of student-teaching and licensure in particular specific grade teaching.

2. Skills

The primary need to be a high school teacher is that you are able to master core skills of teaching. This includes designing curriculum, mastering knowledge, adapting lessons, preparing class, observing students, and evaluating students’.

Other criteria you should also have include:

  • Excellent computer and communication skills.
  • Patience, creative and resourcefulness.
  • Proper personal appearance, hygiene, and manner.
  • Can work with diverse students (great variety of racial, linguistics, ethnic, disability and socioeconomics group of students).
  • Commitment in education.
  • Have in-depth content, professional and pedagogy necessities.

Above all, the requirements may vary in different high schools in California. So, you need to make sure what requirements do you need to apply in particular institutions.

Work Settings

Most states might have distinct laws to run job security. However, high school teachers are common to work in local, public and private elementary and high schools.

While the work schedule generally aligns to school hours, 10 months school year with 2 months break. Despite school hours, some may have evening and weekend hours to deal with assessment and lesson preparation. They also spend time on other necessities like meeting with parents and school staff.

Being a high school teacher can be stressful and exhausting. However, this career is considered respectable and worthy in some countries. As you can see, according to averageSalary.Co, the average salary of a high school teacher in California is quite satisfactory.