Average Manhattan Salary
Average Manhattan Salary

Average Manhattan Salary

Average Manhattan Salary – Entitled as the city centre of New York, Manhattan is the urban core of NY civic area. It’s a place of administrative, social, cultural and economic centres. However, how does the average Manhattan salary actually make?

Uncovering such a question needs a one-step closer approach. Here you will learn every single thing about Manhattan. Especially those related to the average and median salary in New York counties particularly in Manhattan City.

Average Manhattan Salary

Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
At Home Lease Purchase Truck Driver$107,732$8,978$2,072$51.79
Director Average$83,516$6,960$1,606$40.15
Team Truck Driver$81,649$6,804$1,570$39.25
Team Truck$77,568$6,464$1,492$37.29
Regional Dedicated Truck Driver$76,364$6,364$1,469$36.71
Average Manhattan Salary

What’s Manhattan?

Manhattan is one of the original regions of the US government of New York. 

It becomes one of five boroughs of New York City possessing the most considerable numbers of population.

As the urban center of NY, Manhattan is supplied with full-equipped private and public facilities. Manhattan presents the city as the cultural presenter, historical origin along the social, economic & administrative centres.  

This city also bears a title as the most world’ wealth of finance, culture, and media entertainment. Lots of worldwide media and firms’ conglomerates are based in this city.

It’s not surprising if Manhattan became a home for the major routine exchanges of the entire market capitalizations. Aside from that, Manhattan is the place of the most exy and luxurious real estates in the world. It becomes the background location for heaps movies, books, films, and television shows.  

Facts about Manhattan City

Manhattan is an awesome city full of unique things. Here some interesting facts about Manhattan you probably have not known already.

  • About eight million people are living in Manhattan, New York City.
  • There are particularly 800 languages used in the city resulting in it as the most linguistically diverse urban core over the world.
  • Estimated between 4 to 10 home service workers could speak other languages than English.
  • Oysters have been so prevalent in the 19-century that make the shells then used to cover Pearl Street and Trinity Church.
  • It has the biggest gold stowage in the world laid in eighty feet below street levels containing $90 billion money in gold. This is located in NY Federal Reserve Bank.  
  • There are more Chinese are living in the city. The number is greater than those who live in other cities in Asia.
  • Also known as the most exy place to live in the USA.
  • The rent average to call home attains $3,074/month in 2020 meaning that it’s the highest cost of living in the city.
  • A home of abundant features jobs with fully high paying.
  • The city where real-estates and taxes cost the highest.

There are so many typical things about Manhattan that make you amazed. Unfortunately, it looks like you should bring much money to stay and live pleasantly in this city.  

The Highest-Paying Careers in Manhattan

In spite of the most expensive cost for living, Manhattan provides huge employment opportunities along with a good salary. Here are the most awesome careers giving the highest payment in the city of Manhattan.

  1. Anaesthesiologists (about $327,565/year).
  2. Orthodontists (about 282,347/year).
  3. Surgeons (about $232,524/year).
  4. Psychiatrists (about 206,266/year).
  5. Paediatrics (about $193,465/year).
  6. Dentists (about $187,655/year).
  7. Physician in obstetrics & gynaecology (about $168,001/year).
  8. Architects (about $160,342/year).
  9. Anaesthetists Nurses (about $155,895/year).

The list shows top Manhattan’s careers getting the highest payment in Manhattan. There other jobs who get paid well in Manhattan include engineers, data scientists, clinical pharmacists, managers. General practitioners like lawyers, attorneys, UX designers and podiatrists also come into the list.

After seeing the average Manhattan salary from this averagesalary.co review, would you still want to live in the city? Of course not! You deserve to live and enjoy life in the most luxurious city in New York. However, don’t forget to make sure everything is ok there.