Average Mortician Salary
Average Mortician Salary

Average Mortician Salary

Average Mortician Salary – While many people are not interested in being morticians, this job evidently offers several advantages. Besides its ample employment breaks, the average mortician salary is also competitive. Data says this profession can provide security for your career and lifetime.

Do you need to know what a mortician is and how much the average yearly salary is for a mortician by state? What about their day-to-day work? Here is the best part of the layover.

In this summary, you will find details about mortician job descriptions as well as requirements. Other explanations might be added in the latter part of the article.

Average Mortician Salary

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Richmond, CA$66,866$5,572$1,286$32.15
Stamford, CT$65,112$5,426$1,252$31.30
Bellevue, WA$64,964$5,414$1,249$31.23
Lakes, AK$62,686$5,224$1,205$30.14
San Francisco, CA$62,670$5,223$1,205$30.13
Palmdale, CA$61,996$5,166$1,192$29.81
Santa Clara, CA$61,761$5,147$1,188$29.69
Hartford, CT$61,639$5,137$1,185$29.63
Pasadena, CA$61,413$5,118$1,181$29.53
Glendale, CA$61,053$5,088$1,174$29.35
Average Mortician Salary

What are Morticians?

Morticians, also known as funeral undertakers or directors are persons who work for planning and arranging funerals.

They are responsible to deal with bodies of deceased people and help the family to prepare ceremonies and complete other spiritual necessities.

The work of morticians can be very taxing and emotionally exhausting since they must be available on call days and nights 24 hours. This even includes weekends and holidays.

What are their Tasks and Duties?

Most people relate a mortician with dead bodies though, in reality they spend more time being on duty with people. The following are the most common tasks and duties of morticians:

  • Meet clients for offering services with pricing details and contracts.
  • Provide graveside, wake, funeral as long as burial services.
  • Help clients or families arrange funeral, burial, cremation, ceremony, or interment.
  • Arrange and manage transportation of died people to funeral house.
  • Prepare obituary signs to publicize the death.
  • Schedule times for the funeral, wake, funeral, or burial.
  • Organize flowers and the schedule for ordained priests and pallbearers to do religious rites.
  • Regulate the opening and closing of the cremation and ceremony.
  • Embalm, dress and cosmetically advance the body of deceased people if desired.
  • Make sure the funeral services served meet the requirement.
  • Provide counseling to grieving family, colleagues, and mates.
  • Offer transportation for the funeral-goers and the dead.
  • Drive cars as required.

Another responsibility of morticians also to obtain and fill funeral documents, permits and other legal credentials. In other cases, they are in charge to transfer insurance policies, pensions, or other annuities to families.

What are Needed to be Morticians?

The job requirements may vary in states. However, they usually share at least similar qualifications to complete.

If you’re delighted to start your career as a mortician, you need to have an associate degree in embalming, mortuary sciences or other equivalent. Plus, 2 years of working experience in the mortician field is also a must. Some employers also want to complete an internship with a minimum program in 3 years.

Another entry qualification is state licensure by completing the state licensing exam. You may be licensed as funeral directors or embalmers, both areas are worth. Last but least, you also need a driver’s license with some of the following additional personality qualifications.

  • Expert in various values, norms, and religions.
  • Accomplished speaking, writing and communication skills.
  • Outstanding social and organizational skills.
  • Good physical stamina and nimble.
  • Prior experience in cosmetics.
  • Prior experience in software and database.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Compassionate and focus.

Morticians are starting to increase in most of the countries as their population has increased rapidly over time. It’s time to take part in the job opportunities from averageSalary.Co and be surprised by the average mortician salary.