Average Quarterback Salary
Average Quarterback Salary

Average Quarterback Salary

Average Quarterback Salary – It seems there are so many topics when talking about football. We know that this is a favorite sport of many people all around the world. It is the right time to talk about the average quarterback salary if you want to be a quarterback. 

Actually, there are many reasons to talk more about this topic. Although you don’t prepare quarterback as a career, we can enrich your information. Let’s talk about it!

Average Quarterback Salary

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
San Jose, CA$62,869$5,239$1,209$30.23
Oakland, CA$62,154$5,180$1,195$29.88
Tanaina, AK$61,900$5,158$1,190$29.76
Wasilla, AK$61,899$5,158$1,190$29.76
Hayward, CA$60,852$5,071$1,170$29.26
Jackson, WY$60,787$5,066$1,169$29.22
Norwalk, CT$60,627$5,052$1,166$29.15
Seattle, WA$60,433$5,036$1,162$29.05
Vallejo, CA$60,418$5,035$1,162$29.05
Concord, CA$60,290$5,024$1,159$28.99
Average Quarterback Salary

What Did You Know about Quarterback?

Those who are familiar with football must know the position and what quarterback does. Somehow, not all people know it. It is a position in American and Canadian football. It is also an offense or attacking team’s part.

Unfortunately, the quarterback is the toughest position in the NFL for a number of reasons. It all barely touches the surface of both responsibilities and requirements. 

The quarterback is responsible for what every player should do. It means that he doesn’t only focus on what he should do. He must be able to hold the team accountable. 

Background of Quarterback

To be a professional quarterback, someone must graduate at least from high school. Sure, academic ability is required as well as athletic ability. Most quarterbacks in NFL spend 4 to 5 years in college. 

Jobs of Quarterback in Football

A good quarterback has the task to direct his team toward the end zone and score with many points. His position is behind the center of receiving the ball.

His main job is throwing the football. He also encourages the team to play well. In the NFL, the quarterback rarely runs with the ball. 

Important Physical Skills

Even though the quarterback is not the fastest athlete in a football team, good playing shape is required. Arm strength is also required. For any quarterback, the speed to throw a football plays an important role.

It allows him to complete a pass before a single defensive player could react to the pass. He will have better ability in throwing a ball with a stronger arm.

The next one is vision. The quarterback must have a fast scanning ability to see the field. Thus, he has good mobility in order to avoid the defensive pass rush. Weight and height are no less important to pay attention before you become a quarterback.

The Benefits Quarterbacks Can Get

Everything about money and allowance is so interesting. Those who want to be football players, especially the quarterback position will have the spirit to gain more about it.

In many cases, quarterbacks get health and wellness coverage for health and dental needs. He is most likely to get family benefits and performance bonuses. Vacation, paid time-off, and sick leave complete the benefits. 

According to averagesalary.co, a professional player can even have the opportunity for job training and tuition. This is great to start a new journey and realize your dream. 

You can dream to be the next best quarterback and consider the average quarterback salary. However, keep in mind that the position is considerably tough with certain tasks, responsibilities, and required skills. Fortunately, quarterbacks can get many benefits, even the chance to job training and tuition.