Average Salary Commercial Pilot
Average Salary Commercial Pilot

Average Salary Commercial Pilot

Average Salary Commercial Pilot – Ever dreamt of flying an aircraft? Imagine if you can be a commercial pilot and fly an aircraft. Can you also imagine how much the average salary commercial pilot can make?

Make your dreams come true and plan your career as a commercial pilot now. Read more to read the average salary and what a commercial pilot does.

Average Salary Commercial Pilot

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
San Mateo, CA$75,846$6,321$1,459$36.46
Berkeley, CA$73,275$6,106$1,409$35.23
Daly City, CA$73,070$6,089$1,405$35.13
Richmond, CA$71,156$5,930$1,368$34.21
Stamford, CT$69,288$5,774$1,332$33.31
Bellevue, WA$69,099$5,758$1,329$33.22
San Francisco, CA$68,503$5,709$1,317$32.93
Brooklyn, NY$68,031$5,669$1,308$32.71
Lakes, AK$67,750$5,646$1,303$32.57
Knik-Fairview, AK$67,664$5,639$1,301$32.53
Average Salary Commercial Pilot

What is a Commercial Pilot?

Don’t get confused about the commercial pilot and the airline pilot terms as they both operate and fly the aircraft. The difference is that an airline pilot works for an airline company and has a flight schedule.

While a commercial pilot doesn’t work for a specific airline company but is paid for doing some commercial businesses. From aerial photography, crop dusting, rescue operations to firefighting.

What Does a Commercial Pilot Do?

Other than operating and flying the aircraft, here are some commercial pilot job descriptions:

Pre-checking the aircraft before flight

Before flight, a commercial pilot must fill the pre-flight checklists. He makes sure that the engine is in good condition, the fuel is full enough for the trip and the weight is properly distributed.

Checking the weather and conditions

Weather is one of the important factors to be checked before flight. It is the key to a safety flight. Other conditions needed to be checked are the air temperature, and wind speed and direction.

1. Making sure all passengers and cargo have been loaded

You surely don’t want any passenger or thing left behind. Thus, a commercial pilot makes sure every passenger and cargo are all loaded.

2. Navigating the aircraft to the destination

A commercial pilot must know how to operate the air navigation such as GPS or radio navigation. Of course you don’t want to get lost while operating the aircraft.

3. Following the planned routes

A commercial pilot also does flight planning. By doing so, he can calculate the fuel needed and how the aircraft can reach the destination safely. Also, a commercial pilot should follow the air traffic control to avoid midair collision.

4. Monitoring the engines during flight

Although some aircrafts are already equipped with the autopilot system, a commercial pilot still needs to monitor the engines during flight. However, an aircraft should be operated manually first before the autopilot mode is on.

5. Landing safely

Last but not least, a commercial pilot is responsible for landing the aircraft in the destination safely. As the landing is the last and crucial part of flight, he must be able to give a smooth landing for passengers’ safety.

Now you know more about the commercial pilot and the duties. To begin your career as a commercial pilot, you need to obtain the commercial pilot licence before flying your first aircraft. Becoming a commercial pilot is challenging as you are not only flying the aircraft but are also responsible for cockpit crew and passengers’ safety.

According to averageSalary.Co, of course, that big responsibility comes with an attractive average commercial pilot salary. However, the average salary will differ according to the commercial business you are doing.