average salary epidemiologist
average salary epidemiologist

Average Salary Epidemiologist

Average Salary Epidemiologist – In spite of having lower enthusiasts, epidemiologist is indeed a decent and pleasing job. The average salary epidemiologist is so valuable that it places in the 4th of best science professions.

But, how much does the average epidemiologist salary per hour exactly? Is such a career a good way to run? Let’s learn more about epidemiology then answer the question through this article.

Average Salary Epidemiologist

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Sunnyvale, CA$112,955$9,413$2,172$54.31
Santa Rosa, CA$109,186$9,099$2,100$52.49
Cambridge, MA$105,878$8,823$2,036$50.90
Vacaville, CA$103,843$8,654$1,997$49.92
New York City, NY$102,686$8,557$1,975$49.37
Fairfield, CA$102,585$8,549$1,973$49.32
San Mateo, CA$101,993$8,499$1,961$49.03
Lynn, MA$101,105$8,425$1,944$48.61
Anchorage, AK$100,948$8,412$1,941$48.53
Baltimore, MD$99,399$8,283$1,912$47.79
Average Salary Epidemiologist

Epidemiologist Definition

Epidemiologists are also called as medical scientists or disease detectives. Who are they? Epidemiologists are health professionals who studies and investigates diseases within human populations.

They are like virus alarms who will examine the causes, outbreaks and patterns of any transferable diseases.

The main charge of epidemiologists is to design procedures to detect and prevent the outbreaks of diseases.

Thus, they are in charge of monitoring viruses’ outbreaks, collecting data while reporting findings to communities or health policies.

Job Descriptions

Epidemiologists typically do some of the following duties:

  • Going to sites for researching, observing, studying epidemics of infectious viruses.
  • Planning and directing investigations of public health matters to find right methods in preventing and treating diseases.
  • Collecting and analyzing data through field researching, observation, surveys, etc, to find the cause of particular diseases.
  • Performing lab tests and collecting data for testing particular viruses.
  • Communicating the findings to public, policy makers or health professionals.
  • Managing public health plans to improve the outcomes.
  • Supervising other professionals, technicians and clerical personals.
  • Creating reports about any possible spread of certain viruses.
  • Designing and implementing clinical studies, trials and tests.
  • Developing and improving health research methodology.

Epidemiologists job descriptions could widely vary depending on certain organizations. Some of responsibilities may focus on medical studies, applications or public health problems.


Although there are no specific educational prerequisites or national licensing needed, a master’s degree is proprietary.

Education, Experience & Interests

You must apply study in several fields including epidemiology, public health, medicine, nursing, or any relevant field.

Besides, minimum 2-year training experience is also compulsory. Suppose you have experiences in community health. This would be more advantageous.

Additional certifications, licenses or training specifically supported by the government may also be beneficial. While education is a must for epidemiologists, personality and interests are also essential. An epidemiologist should at least master in some thinking interests including:

  • Research
  • Investigation
  • Understanding natural laws.
  • Assistance
  • Serving
  • Counselor
  • Teaching and communicating to people.

Skills Requirements

More than that, epidemiologists must also have some following qualities to assist them to work.

  • Computer mastery skills.
  • Spoken and written skills.
  • Skills of researching, organizational, reasoning and analytical.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Statistical skills.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Teaching skills.
  • Communicative.

Work Settings

Epidemiologists can work in varied ranges of work environments. They typically apply in resident and national government services.

They can also be employed in institutions, academes, hospitals, companies, research labs, health sectors, and scientific research and development programs. Working in this career may also possibly work in clinical settings.

The averageSalary.Co breakdown has previously shown the average salary of an epidemiologist. The amount of wages across different services can vary widely. It depends on the place where the epidemiologist works.