Average Salary for A Receptionist
Average Salary for A Receptionist

Average Salary for A Receptionist

What is the average salary for a receptionist? If you’re curious about the term, this article is a good place. Here you will discover fruitful hints of how receptionists can get paid in Australia and other countries.

Also, you will get enough view about the job descriptions, the qualifications and proficiency needed for the profession. You will be given sight of different paths of the career whether in medical, law firm and other organizations.

Average Salary for A Receptionist

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Dublin, CA$36,058$3,005$693$17.34
Newark, CA$36,014$3,001$693$17.31
Palo Alto, CA$35,513$2,959$683$17.07
San Mateo, CA$35,346$2,945$680$16.99
Boston, MA$34,787$2,899$669$16.72
Woburn, MA$34,616$2,885$666$16.64
Santa Monica, CA$34,334$2,861$660$16.51
Renton, WA$34,222$2,852$658$16.45
Berkeley, CA$34,074$2,839$655$16.38
Daly City, CA$33,978$2,832$653$16.34
Average Salary for A Receptionist

Definition of Receptionist

If you come to a hotel or an office, a receptionist is the first person to see. This happens as well when you enter a company.

Receptionists refer to employees who take care administrative support matters. This position is regarded as a pivotal job in every company thus a receptionist becomes the key member staff in offices.

The Role

Receptionists turn out as the front of an office, the first contact agent who meets visitors. They become the point of link for outside visitors to contact an organization, before they see other employees. The workspace is almost primarily in waiting rooms like lobbies or front desks.

Job Descriptions

Working in front desk in an office, a receptionist frequently works with external individuals such as clients, visitors, patients, and the like. The primary task of this job is to greet or receive guests and answer calls. Other than that, a receptionist is assigned to do some of the following things:

  • Greet external visitors.
  • Manage diary and meeting rooms for an office.
  • Handle and manage internal and external event coordination.
  • Handle questions and complaints via calls/phone, email or any public correspondence.
  • Transfer calls to other employees if necessary.
  • Administer and manage office stocks such as furniture, stationaries, tools, etc.
  • Perform ad-hoc officialdom duties.
  • Sort and distribute email and messages.
  • Receive and dispatch any deliveries.
  • Assist human resources in recruiting, on-boarding as well as discontinuation procedure.
  • Schedule appointments for employees and higher staff.Provide customer service for guests.

The responsibilities of a receptionist may differ from one organization to others.

Receptionists Qualification & Requirements

To get employed as a receptionist, you should be qualified with enough experience and fulfil the requirements. There are several necessities to meet, as follows.

  • Graduated minimal from associate or bachelor degree in related fields (not mandatory, some companies still accept with lower education)
  • Have prior experiences in receptionist, clerical and administrative area.
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Good in computer skills along the applications such as Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Excellent in customer service and time management skills.
  • Be friendly, flexible, patient, and professional.
  • Excellent in problem solving.
  • Pay attention to detail and be accurate.
  • Acquire interpersonal skills.
  • Good in listening and speaking both in native language and English (better).
  • Have multitasking competence.

There are actually more skills you need to have when it comes to a particular company. Since different companies will urge varied proficiencies for the position. This means receptionists in medical offices will have different role for those in law firms, businesses, institutions, or other fields.

The average salary will also vary. According to averageSalary.Co, this depends on your educational background and experience. If so, what is the average salary for a receptionist? Hopefully you have found the answer in this article.