Average Salary for Sports Agent
Average Salary for Sports Agent

Average Salary for Sports Agent

Average Salary for Sports Agent – Sports agent is a perfect job ko for those of you who love sports but do not want to be an athlete. You will work arranging the contracts for athletes – the famous ones perhaps. Is this interesting profession will give you an interesting average salary for a sports agent? Check out the details below.

Average Salary for Sports Agent

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Sunnyvale, CA$55,694$4,641$1,071$26.78
Santa Cruz, CA$55,179$4,598$1,061$26.53
Santa Rosa, CA$53,935$4,495$1,037$25.93
Williston, ND$52,848$4,404$1,016$25.41
Manhattan, NY$52,710$4,392$1,014$25.34
Barnstable Town, MA$52,301$4,358$1,006$25.14
Cambridge, MA$52,205$4,350$1,004$25.10
San Mateo, CA$51,805$4,317$996$24.91
Arlington, VA$51,764$4,314$995$24.89
Dickinson, ND$51,447$4,287$989$24.73
Average Salary for Sports Agent

What is a Sports Agent?

A sports agent is a person who arranges the contracts and endorsements for athletes. Which team they will play for, which endorsement or sponsorship they will receive and many others.

Becoming a sports agent means to work closely to athletes. He must know the athlete’s characteristic, ability, skills and make the most of it.

What Does a Sport Agent Do?

As a representative of athletes, a sports agent is responsible for managing the athlete’s career. To be precise, here are several sports agent’s job descriptions you may want to know:

1. Handling contracts

A sports agent manages the employment and endorsement as well as handling its contracts. Hence, he should know more about the law contracts, payment, terms and conditions, and other similar terms included in the contracts.

In addition, a sports agent should know their athlete’s value and negotiate the deals. Not only sports, he is likely to have knowledge also in finance, business and risk management.

A sports agent should take a note for every ongoing contract, expired contract and which contract that needs to be extended. Thus, he should always communicate with his athletes about the contracts.

2. Managing promotions

A good promotion is a must if a sports agent wants to find endorsements for his athletes. It is important for an athlete’s popularity and reputation. No doubt that a sports agent should have a good public relation skill.

Some endorsements that athletes might accept are promoting the sport brands, charitable endeavours, goodwill ambassador and brand ambassador. A sports agent should explore his athletes’ potential to reach the maximum earnings.

3. Assessing new talent

Finding a new talent is not easy, but a sports agent needs to find one for the next generations. Usually, a sports agent will work with a sports club or high school, and watch for candidates’ talent. Some candidates even keep watched until they go to college and participate in local leagues.

Sports Agent Skills

After you know about the sports agent’s duties and responsibilities, now do you have what it takes to a sports agent? See the sports agent skills below:

1. Sport enthusiast

As sport topics will become your daily basis, a strong knowledge of sports is a must. Especially in which your athletes play.

However, that strong knowledge is impossible if you hate sports. If you are a sport enthusiast, you will naturally love the game, the players, the athletes and the business itself.

2. Excellent negotiation skill

As mentioned before, a sports agent’s duty is to handle contracts and negotiate the deals. Thus, a negotiation skill is important.

By improving your negotiation skill, you will also improve the sales pitch. Instead of giving your athlete numerous endorsements to do, you better make a few but worthy deals.

3. Sales and promotion skills

As a sports agent, you need to improve the sales strategy before improving the sales itself. You can start by marketing your athlete as a start of branding. Maximise all the sales channels such as web pages, social media and connection.

If you enjoy sport, becoming a sports agent might be a perfect career for you. Where you don’t need to directly play the game, but you can work closely to it.

Plus, according to averageSalary.Co the average salary for sports agents is something you can’t deny. The sports agent profession is not only high paying, but also an opportunity to enjoy your hobby.