Average Salary for Brand Manager
Average Salary for Brand Manager

Average Salary for Brand Manager

Average Salary for Brand Manager – Have you been curious about the average salary for a brand manager? As it is one of senior careers, a brand manager should earn impressive income. No wasted time, let’s reveal anything about the average salary for global brand managers.

In this article you will find how much senior associate brand managers can make. Also, you will expose the job brief, descriptions as well as the career requirements. If you’re expected to be the candidates, this article is the right stand.

Average Salary for Brand Manager

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
San Mateo, CA$94,635$7,886$1,820$45.50
Boston, MA$93,138$7,761$1,791$44.78
Santa Monica, CA$91,926$7,660$1,768$44.20
Renton, WA$91,627$7,636$1,762$44.05
Berkeley, CA$91,231$7,603$1,754$43.86
Daly City, CA$90,975$7,581$1,750$43.74
Lowell, MA$90,173$7,514$1,734$43.35
Richmond, CA$88,999$7,417$1,712$42.79
Newark, NJ$88,766$7,397$1,707$42.68
Springfield, MA$88,169$7,347$1,696$42.39
Average Salary for Brand Manager

What Are Brand Managers?

Brand managers are the keepers of a brand company. They are the chief of a branding team which is in charge to supervise a wide range of brand portfolios.

What Are the Responsibilities?

Common responsibility of the position is on developing and enhancing brand methods and strategies for specific companies. Besides, they are also enrolled to create and implement communication and marketing procedures for the brand.

Brand executives manage an extensive array of corporate functions like communication channel and branding. Brand managers oversee product advance, even online or offline marketing as well. They are also responsible to conduct market research including surveys, polling and other applicable fields.

What Are the Duties?

To create a good image for the company they work, brand managers typically deal with a broad range of duties such as:

  • Create names, packaging and images design for new and current products.
  • Develop and implement marketing techniques and campaigns to successfully communicate the product benefit.
  • Evaluate brand placement and consumer visions.
  • Manage marketing or branding teams.
  • Establish market and customer research.
  • Launch routine provisions, cost and rate parameter, market submissions and sales estimations.
  • Communicate brand personalities through internal and external approaches.
  • Evaluate and make reports on success of the existing marketing campaigns
  • Forestall consumers leanings and keep the brand still updated.

What truly matters in working as a brand manager is that you must be able to create and perform actions in attracting customers through brand marketing. Also, you should improve the consumer experiences by using innovative and up to date marketing campaigns.

What Is Required to be A Brand Manager?

To expect being brand manager candidates require a bachelor’s degree in business or other relevant subjects. There are some companies who ask for MBA or a post-graduate candidate.

Enough proven marketing or associate brand manager experiences are also needed. Working experience may be in the field of team management, but marketing strategies or developing brands is preferred.

When signing a brand manager candidate, companies particularly require some of the subsequent qualities.

  • Excellent analytical and research skills.
  • Data-driven thinking skills.
  • Communication (verbal and written).
  • Skills in budget management.
  • Excellent in branding development and marketing strategy.
  • Keep updated with the newest marketing trends.
  • Be creative and trend savviness.
  • Focus and responsible.
  • Be able to work independent and with a team.

Becoming a brand manager is a challenge because it relates to efforts to continue to maintain the company’s brand name throughout its public image. But according to averageSalary.Co, the profession is quite decent because the average salary for a brand manager is impressive.