Average Salary for Film Director
Average Salary for Film Director

Average Salary for Film Director

Average Salary for Film Director – Working behind the screen is not always bad. Even though not many people recognise you, the role of a film director has a big impact on its job. Generally speaking, the average salary for film directors depends on the success of their film. The following are all about film directors.

Average Salary for Film Director

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
San Mateo, CA$72,144$6,012$1,387$34.68
Boston, MA$71,003$5,917$1,365$34.14
Santa Monica, CA$70,078$5,840$1,348$33.69
Renton, WA$69,850$5,821$1,343$33.58
Berkeley, CA$69,549$5,796$1,337$33.44
Daly City, CA$69,354$5,779$1,334$33.34
Lowell, MA$68,743$5,729$1,322$33.05
Richmond, CA$67,847$5,654$1,305$32.62
Newark, NJ$67,669$5,639$1,301$32.53
Springfield, MA$67,214$5,601$1,293$32.31
Average Salary for Film Director

What is A Film Director?

A film director is a person who takes responsibility for the process in making a film. There are three phases of filmmaking. They are before production, during production, and after production.

You should know in filmmaking, there are a lot of things that should be monitored and film directors must make sure that everything is going well.

A film director is actually not much involved in the last phase of production, but he keeps monitoring it in order to make the whole process run perfectly.

During shooting, a film director usually also reads the script because he/she needs to control the actors’ acting. A film director must understand the story of the script and to direct actors understand the character they play.

What does A Film Director Do?

Of the many tasks, a film director is also in charge of determining when actors start acting and whether scenes in a film should be repeated or not.

What does a film director do? These are lists of work:

  • Read and give feedback about development of the scripts
  • Select actors – usually along with casting directors and producers during selection
  • Monitor the rehearsal of filmmaking
  • Give instruction to actors during the filming
  • Choose location for filmmaking
  • Hold meeting with all crews to discuss the needs of filmmaking
  • Agree the budget and schedule of filmmaking with producer
  • Be responsible
  • Monitor all aspects of filmmaking process
  • Work with film editor about the final present of the film
  • Work with composer to determine the music of the film
  • Build and develop of contact with all filmmaking crews
  • Follow the emerging industry trend

A Film Director’s Working Hour

A film director does not have indefinite working hours. Working hours of a film director are about between 10 until 12 hours. However, it may increase for various reasons. A film director can work late until midnight and also on weekends.

Another reason that makes a film direction should spend more time at work is because handling various things such as meetings to discuss aspects of production.

Filmmaking is also often shot in different places, so the film directors must be ready to travel outside the city and even abroad during film production anytime.

A Film Director’s Qualification

There are no specific qualifications to become a film director. However, you have to convince individuals such as producers and financiers by showing your skill and competency.

That is why you need to have a good resume as a reference. It could be attained by gaining as much experience as possible throughout working on film projects. It will give you real insight about how to direct a film and how a production is run.

Aspiring film directors often create low-budget, independent projects which aim to develop skills and gaining experience. All those are believed to make you a great film director.

A Film Director’s Work Place

Summarized averageSalary.Co, in a film production, the film director usually plays an important role in making every decision. This will also determine whether the film will be a success or not. Therefore, the workload and responsibilities of a film director are very large and often make them feel stressed.

Meanwhile, locations where a film director’s works depend on the story of the film itself. There is no certain location. In one film, each scene can be shot in many different places, either indoor or outdoor.

Thus, becoming a film director is a prestigious job. Even though the average salary for a film director cannot be predicted, it is still a promising job. The job gives you many experiences and chances to meet influential, important, and famous people.