Average Salary for Junior Graphic Designer
Average Salary for Junior Graphic Designer

Average Salary for Junior Graphic Designer

Average Salary for Junior Graphic Designer – The graphic design turns out as the most flourishing career, which also results in a satisfying income. One route to pursue this career is usually called a junior graphic designer. But, how much the average salary for a junior graphic designer can make?

To see if the earnings are reasonable or not, let’s find more. Here you can see anything about the job salary, roles, entry-level, and qualifications. This article will then discover how much companies would pay an entry-level graphic designer.

Average Salary for Junior Graphic Designer

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Sunnyvale, CA$49,325$4,110$949$23.71
Santa Cruz, CA$48,868$4,072$940$23.49
Santa Rosa, CA$47,767$3,981$919$22.96
Williston, ND$46,805$3,900$900$22.50
Manhattan, NY$46,682$3,890$898$22.44
Barnstable Town, MA$46,320$3,860$891$22.27
Cambridge, MA$46,234$3,853$889$22.23
San Mateo, CA$45,880$3,823$882$22.06
Arlington, VA$45,844$3,820$882$22.04
Dickinson, ND$45,564$3,797$876$21.91
Average Salary for Junior Graphic Designer

What’s a Junior Graphic Designer?

The junior graphic designer refers to an entry-level job in creatives industries having within 0 to 3 years of design experience. A junior graphic designer is a fresh college graduate who is still completing a degree. Also, he or she has been employed in a company through internship programs.

Roles & Responsibilities

Considered a beginner, this position still needs mentoring from senior designers to deal with the responsibilities. A junior graphic designer will be assigned with some narrower facets of multiple design projects during the first years.

Your work will typically, for example to layout pages, make colour corrective, design web banners, sit in on customer meetings, and many more. Here are some of the primary roles and responsibilities a junior graphic designer could do.

  • Create and edit any illustration projects.
  • Design and produce any graphic visual and art materials for digital or printed media.
  • Make sure the layout is in line with production standard and requirements.
  • Create and operate graphic collateral applied for sales, advertising and marketing.
  • Build compositions using imagery for marketing and advertising.
  • Develop guidelines for businesses to promote and advertise the brands.
  • Build up and promote the brand language.
  • Create visual systems to present feelings through a user interface (UI).
  • Implement and use visual design using CSS for companies or customers.
  • Collaborate with other senior designers to conceptualise and produce graphic design projects.
  • Coordinate with customers or clients to deal with projects’ budget and time.

Kinds of Entry Levels

Term of graphic designer occurs in not too different kinds of jobs. The most common distinction laid in two natures, companies/agencies and in houses.

Some places are pure digital companies that urge you to work with full digital projects, for example, technology startups.

But you will also find companies which work with printing combinations, for example, publications. Here you should be aware of publishing-related programs. There are some terms related to relevant roles in graphic designing, including visual, production, digital, and agency designer.

Career Qualifications

To become a junior graphic designer does not need a degree. However, it’s common if a company asks you to have acquired degrees in graphic designing. Most importantly, you should have lots of relevant work experiences minimum from 0 to 2 years.

Besides having knowledge and experience, this job also requires you to have minimum skills criteria. Here you need to have to be qualified.

  • Strong understanding of graphic design.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and the like.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Hard work, reliable and hardworking.

That’s all a review of the average salary of a junior graphic designer from averageSalary.Co. You’ll also find info on early payments for junior graphic designers. I hope this explanation gives you a good view.

Remember that the average salary for junior graphic designers varies in some countries. You may find the payment in the UK is entirely dissimilar from the US or Australia.