Average Salary for Medical Doctor
Average Salary for Medical Doctor

Average Salary for Medical Doctor

Average Salary for Medical Doctor – Do you want to be a medical doctor but don’t know where to start? Curious about the average salary for medical doctor? Then, you are at the right page.

Becoming a medical doctor in Australia is a long way. You need to have formal education for years followed by years of internship and residency. Read more to find out the average salary, the responsibilities and what steps you need to complete to officially become a medical doctor.

Average Salary for Medical Doctor

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Santa Clara, CA$254,556$21,213$4,895$122.38
San Francisco, CA$254,480$21,207$4,894$122.35
Fremont, CA$244,443$20,370$4,701$117.52
San Jose, CA$239,151$19,929$4,599$114.98
Alexandria, VA$237,386$19,782$4,565$114.13
Oakland, CA$236,562$19,713$4,549$113.73
Tanaina, AK$235,978$19,665$4,538$113.45
Wasilla, AK$235,975$19,665$4,538$113.45
Sunnyvale, CA$233,868$19,489$4,497$112.44
Santa Maria, CA$232,328$19,361$4,468$111.70
Average Salary for Medical Doctor

What is a Medical Doctor?

A medical doctor treating the patient’s health. He works either as a surgeon or a specialised doctor. 

A medical doctor usually works in a hospital and specialised department. He is responsible for taking care of the patients and examining the patient’s illness. For specialised doctors, they treat the patient in a specific area.

What Does a Medical Doctor Do?

Medical doctors are responsible for:

  • Perform patient’s health assessments
  • Listen to patient’s complaint
  • Determine the patient’s illness
  • Explain the health condition to patients and their family
  • Prescribe medication
  • Provide health treatment for patients
  • Run diagnostic tests
  • Perform surgery
  • Specialised doctors give special treatment such as radiology, anaesthetic and neurology.

How to Become a Medical Doctor

To become a medical doctor, especially in Australia, there are several step to take, which are:

1. Complete a Bachelor in Degree

Any medical major such as the Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine could be a good start. You need to learn about medicine, pharmacy, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and other relevant topics before you graduate.

2. Take GAMSAT

GAMSAT stands for Graduate Medical School Admissions Test. GAMSAT is a standardised exam issued by Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). This exam is for students who are wishing to continue their study to postgraduate medicine.

3. Take Medical School

After completing the bachelor’s degree, you should continue to take another four-years in medical school. In this step you will learn more practical thing, prepare you for the internship program and give insights about the hospital and community settings.

4. Complete the One-Year Internship

After years of medical school, a one-year internship is something you need to pass. You will work as an intern in a hospital during this stage. You can regularly check any hospital that is open for an intern position.

5. Residency

Residency can be followed right after you complete the one-year internship. The purpose is to get more clinical experience, increase the level of responsibility and gain more specific speciality.

6. Get Through the Vocational Training

Taking the vocational training is the last step you need to pass to be officially a medical doctor. This vocational training can last from three to eight years. According to averagesalary.co, after this, you can get your speciality such as general practitioner, specialist physician or surgeon.

Years of medical school, internship, residency and vocational training are the real hard work. You need to prepare yourself before deciding to become a medical doctor.

The further step you get, the bigger average salary for medical doctor you receive. So, make sure you don’t stop halfway.