Average Salary for Pediatrician
Average Salary for Pediatrician

Average Salary for Pediatrician

Average Salary for Pediatrician – Pediatricians are doctors specifically educated in children medicine. It is one of many branches of medicine and considered very needed by most people. The importance of pediatricians certainly takes effect on the average salary for a pediatrician.

Pediatricians focused on children’s health, starting from the physical, mental, emotional, developmental, and social. They examine children from birth to the maximum of 18 years old.

Not only to medicate, pediatricians also prevent children from certain sickness and identificate developmental disorders and potential illness in the future. You can also take your children to a pediatrician to get vaccinated.

Average Salary of a Pediatrician

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
San Mateo, CA$212,485$17,707$4,086$102.16
Boston, MA$209,124$17,427$4,022$100.54
Santa Monica, CA$206,401$17,200$3,969$99.23
Renton, WA$205,730$17,144$3,956$98.91
Berkeley, CA$204,841$17,070$3,939$98.48
Daly City, CA$204,267$17,022$3,928$98.21
Lowell, MA$202,466$16,872$3,894$97.34
Richmond, CA$199,829$16,652$3,843$96.07
Newark, NJ$199,305$16,609$3,833$95.82
Springfield, MA$197,966$16,497$3,807$95.18
Average Salary for Pediatrician

What are the Responsibilities of a Pediatrician?

If we review a pediatrician salary per month then we will be very sure that the responsibility of a pediatrician is considered a lot. Here are some responsibilities we have gained to explain:

  • Evaluating the growth and developmental of children
  • Detect any potential disorder so it can be handled earlier
  • Give vaccination to children and give the information of vaccination schedule to parents
  • Give education to mothers, on how to nurture children and other breastmilk related education
  • Diagnose any sickness in children and suggest medicine according to the sickness
  • Handle and educate parents about the possible illnesses that are prone to children, both physically or mentally

Where does a Pediatrician Practice?

Pediatricians can practice anywhere, both in hospital, a clinic, and a private practice. Place of practice might be affecting how much a pediatrician makes an hour.

Steps to Become a Pediatrician

This part is very important if you want to be a pediatrician and wondering how to become a pediatrician.

  • Medical School
    Enter a medical school with a good reputation, this will help you in getting connections later and meet the best lecturer in medicine. It needs four years to complete medical school.

You will learn about medical training and knowledge of medicine such as immunology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and others.

During medicine school, you will experience clinical rotations. You will experience all areas of expertise, like cardiology, obstetrics, psychiatry, and others.

  • Apply to Pediatrics Residency Program
    After you finish your medical school, you can apply to the Pediatrics Residency Program. This will be very helpful to train you as a compassionate pediatrician, enriching you with experience of how to diagnose and treat every medical problem on children.
  • Get in to the Pediatric Subspecialty Fellowship Program
    This is a program of intensive training. It needs two or three years to finish.
  • Get the certification
    Congratulations! Now you have your certification and you are able to practice medicine for children.
  • Get hired or open your own practice
    You can apply to the reputable hospital or if you’re feeling ready, you can make a practice on your own.

Becoming a pediatrician is a hard work role but also a respectable job. In addition, according to averageSalary.Co the salary is decent with the average salary of a pediatrician today. If this is the right job for you, you can start making plans to earn a degree and open your practice. Wish you lots of luck!