Average Salary of A Court Reporter

Average Salary of A Court Reporter

Court reporters have expertise in translating spoken words into written transcripts. They work in real time and very fast which makes this a very promising job and makes the average salary of a court reporter relatively good . Here are some things you should know about a court reporter.

Average Salary of A Court Reporter

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What is A Court Reporter?

A court reporter is different from a common reporter. A reporter works to collect information and publish it in the media. Meanwhile, a court reporter works in legal proceedings such as legislative meetings and a court as a typist.

Typist in this case means a person who is responsible to record all the words that are uttered in the forum. Then, those spoken words are converted into a transcript which will become an archive. It is also named as a court stenographer.

Not only in legal proceedings, a court reporter also provides captions for television and becomes a real time translator for deaf or hearing disorder people at public events such as business events or in the classrooms.

What does A Court Reporter Do?

A court reporter has a big responsibility in recording all the things that happen in legal proceedings by typing all the words which are spoken into a written form. To ease the job, court reporters use a tool called a stenotype machine.

Everyone’s right should be protected during the legal process and this is the reason why a court reporter is very important.

These are several duties should be done by a court reporter:

  • Attend a forum or any other events which require written transcripts
  • Record spoken words into a written form
  • Report speakers’ actions and gestures while speaking
  • Ask speakers to clarify unheard statements
  • Read and recheck the notes they have written
  • Provides copies of transcripts as a reference archive
  • Making captions for television to help deaf and hearing disorder audiences

What is Qualification to Be A Court Reporter?

Since a court reporter is a specific job and needs special skill. You also need to have certain qualifications.

There are some specialised schools and universities that provide training to coach skills and teach knowledge to be a court reporter. Generally, a court reporter needs to complete their college education at least the last two years. For some states, it may need professional licensure.

Both formal education at college and technical institute have programmes that lead to having either a certificate or associate’s degree. Common courses which are taught including English grammar and phonetic and legal procedures and terminology.

Students are also coached to be able to work by having good speed and accuracy. Graduating from the programmes takes time about 2- 5 years.

Where does A Court Reporter Work?

A court reporter can work in a variety of places, such as in courts, legislative meetings or state governments. Some of them select to be a freelancer who works outside the courtroom as long as it requires an official legal transcript.

A court reporter is also needed in television to make a caption in order to help deaf or hearing disorder viewers.

Based on the explanation, a court reporter is a special profession which has high skill. For the average salary of a court reporter, it could be above the average depending on the places and the stages of the job.