Average Salary of Health Administrator
Average Salary of Health Administrator

Average Salary of Health Administrator

Average Salary of Health Administrator – Do you want to have a career in healthcare but don’t want to have direct contact with the patient? Plan a career to be a health administrator and become a leader in a healthcare facility. Find out the average salary of a health administrator and check out if this job suits you.

Average Salary of Health Administrator

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
New York City, NY$92,668$7,722$1,782$44.55
San Mateo, CA$91,444$7,620$1,759$43.96
Boston, MA$88,502$7,375$1,702$42.55
Juneau, AK$88,491$7,374$1,702$42.54
Berkeley, CA$87,883$7,324$1,690$42.25
Daly City, CA$87,635$7,303$1,685$42.13
Santa Monica, CA$87,474$7,289$1,682$42.05
Quincy, MA$87,111$7,259$1,675$41.88
Renton, WA$87,065$7,255$1,674$41.86
Richmond, CA$86,295$7,191$1,660$41.49
Average Salary of Health Administrator

What is a Health Administrator

Health administrator, or also known as a healthcare administrator, is a person who handles the healthcare business. He makes sure the healthcare facilities run well.

A health administrator is responsible for almost everything. From the medical activity, the relationship between staff and the patients to oversee the financial conditions and the budgeting.

What Does a Health Administrator Do?

As a health administrator you will be responsible for:

1. Managing financial

Health administrator is responsible for managing financial activity in the healthcare facilities. You must know about the income, expenses, profit and loss, and other financial data.

For example is the patients’ billing. As the patients’ billing is one of the healthcare facilities’ income, you must oversee the patients’ billing and develop cost-effective health care. Hence, a profit can be made.

2. Complying the regulation

As the most regulated industries, a health administrator should ensure the healthcare facilities follow the government regulations, guidelines, policies and code of Ethics.

Several healthcare regulatory compliance are health insurance, billing, patient care, privacy for patients’ information, security and risk management.

3. Controlling the overall operation

As a healthcare administrator, you will manage the day-to-day operations. You make sure the business is running well. If needed, you can also make policies for a better healthcare system in the facility.

Becoming a healthcare administrator means becoming a leader. So you have to be responsible for the actions and the professionalism of the medical staff as well as maintaining good relationships with partners and patients.

4. Creating policy

To make sure the healthcare facilities run well, a healthcare administrator can create policies. Several policies that can be applied in healthcare facilities are medical staff policies, patient care policies, data privacy and IT security and rug handling.

5. Improving facility services

Improving facility services is important for patients’ experience. A good facility service can reduce patients’ stress, give a good impression for visitors and keep them coming again. You surely don’t want to come to a smelly and messy healthcare facility.

Health Administrator Skills

A healthcare administrator is not only responsible for managing the healthcare facilities, but also the system and the medical staff. Because of that, you must have these health administrator skills:

  • Good communication skill
  • Well-manage
  • Leadership skill
  • Familiar with healthcare regulations
  • Problem-solving

How to Become a Health Administrator

To become a health administrator you must gain a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. Gaining a master’s degree is actually optional, but bachelor’s degree doesn’t have a specific major as in master’s degree which is the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA).

After that, you can continue gaining some experiences and certifications needed to reach the health administrator positions. Some healthcare facilities also require you to have experience in the human resources department before becoming a health administrator.

A health administrator is an interesting profession for those of you who want to work in healthcare facilities but don’t want to be a medical staff. It requires you to have leadership, good communication and good management skills.

To become a healthcare administrator, you need to get as much experience as possible according to averageSalary.Co. Because it plays an important role in health facilities, it comes with a good average salary of a health administrator. Start your career as a health administrator now by learning the basics of health administration.