Average Salary of Bank Teller
Average Salary of Bank Teller

Average Salary of Bank Teller

Average Salary of Bank Teller – Many say starting a career in banking is good and promising investment. However, do you ever think about the average salary of bank tellers? 

As we know, a bank teller is the front liner in any banking business. But, do employers pay well for this position? 

What is the salary of a bank teller? Let’s get the answer through following the reviews of the bank clerk here.  

Average Salary of Bank Teller

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Palo Alto, CA$36,334$3,028$699$17.47
San Mateo, CA$36,162$3,013$695$17.39
Richmond, CA$33,810$2,817$650$16.25
Mukilteo, WA$33,020$2,752$635$15.88
Stamford, CT$32,922$2,743$633$15.83
Bellevue, WA$32,843$2,737$632$15.79
Weymouth, MA$32,766$2,730$630$15.75
Brooklyn, NY$32,427$2,702$624$15.59
Mountain View, CA$32,395$2,700$623$15.57
New Haven, CT$32,140$2,678$618$15.45
Average Salary of Bank Teller

What is A Bank Teller?

A bank teller, usually called a teller, is a bank employee who places in the front line and works with customers in direct. Bank tellers are considered as customer representatives since they become the first people for customers to see.

Among other bank employees, the teller is the only one who deals with most customers in the long run. Teller is also called a cashier that deals with routine financial transactions. For example withdrawals, money order and transfer, checking transactions, deposits, saving, etc.

Where Does A Bank Teller Work?

A teller works primarily in banks whether large banks or smaller branch banks located in cities, capitals, towns, suburbs, or even rural places. However, you might find some other tellers employed in non-bank financial organizations such as loans or savings agencies.   

A Bank Teller’s Job Description

As the bank front liner, a teller is responsible to handle any kinds of monetary transactions with customers. A bank teller must also be able to provide a good impression for the bank where he/she works.  Therefore, it also needs to serve customers related to any bank services needed.

The primary function of a bank teller is to provide the best and excellent service for customers. Some of the bank tellers ‘tasks and responsibilities may include.

  • Answer customers’ questions and provide information about bank services and products.
  • Assist customers to process any financial transactions (payments, transfers, saving deposits, opening and fixing bank accounts, etc.
  • Handle secretarial and administrative tasks in banking.
  • Performing financial administrates (track, report, record, and store information about transactions, customers and other related).
  • Answer phone and balance numbers later in the day.

How to Become A Bank Teller?

It is possible for a high school diploma (GED) to start a career in banking industries. However, banks usually prefer those who possess basic education and clerical experience. To start a career as a job teller, you can enter or join training or courses in business, math or computer.

Some banks provide classroom training to future tellers. Such on-the-job training might be worthy to follow. 

Many employees who are promoted to teller positions start their job in clerical positions. However, it’s possible for everyone to apply for a teller job without any prior banking experience. You can directly contact the bank, human resources or look for the job on the internet.

What Skills Required for A Bank Teller?

In addition to education and training, a teller must also have some required skills to assist the work, such as:

  • Computer assistance and basic math.
  • Time managing, customer service (CS) skills and communication (verbal and written).
  • High level of accurateness, efficiency, and accountability.
  • Sales skills.
  • Good looking, proficient appearance and well-mannered.

Once you know the average salary of a bank teller from averageSalary.Co, you can compare salaries in countries like the Philippines, Australia, Los Angeles, or Canada.

Noted that the salary would vary greatly depending on many factors like education, certifications or skills. We hope the average salary of bank tellers in this review could give you a sight and useful guide.