Average Salary of CRNA
Average Salary of CRNA

Average Salary of CRNA

Average Salary of CRNA – Besides doctors, if you want to be involved in the medical world, CRNA a.k.a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist is a good job that you can consider as you will be paid off with a bright future and competitive salary.

This article intends to help you understand how to become a CRNA, what CRNA job descriptions are, and how much the average salary of CRNA per year is.

Average Salary of CRNA

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Sunnyvale, CA$247,504$20,625$4,760$118.99
Santa Cruz, CA$246,128$20,511$4,733$118.33
Santa Rosa, CA$239,514$19,959$4,606$115.15
Livermore, CA$239,396$19,950$4,604$115.09
Napa, CA$236,510$19,709$4,548$113.71
Williston, ND$235,238$19,603$4,524$113.10
Manhattan, NY$234,620$19,552$4,512$112.80
Barnstable Town, MA$233,249$19,437$4,486$112.14
Cambridge, MA$231,997$19,333$4,461$111.54
Arlington, VA$230,412$19,201$4,431$110.78
Average Salary of CRNA

What are the Requirements to be CRNAs?

CRNAs are highly educated nurses who are responsible for performing whole anesthesia care towards patients before and after surgery. Their main duty is to make sure that the patients receive anesthesia well and recover from it safely.

Thus, to be able to do such significant roles, CRNA must have high educational backgrounds and long training. It may take several years to complete the training.

The first step that you should take to become a CRNA is acquiring a bachelor’s degree in nursing for about 4 years.

Then, you need to advance your nursing skills by having real working experiences at least 1 year as a nurse and then get your master’s degree.

The last step is you must join the CRNA program with the intention to successfully pass the national exam. When you get the license as CRNA means you can start your career as CRNA.

Despite the long ways of becoming CRNA, you need some devotions and sacrifices. You must be a disciplined, smart, and tenacious person. You also need to pay for your education which is not that cheap.

What do CRNAs mainly do?

As it is said above that CRNAs mainly focus on giving anesthesia to the patients and evaluating the process of recovery but they also have other job desks. For further explanations about CRNA jobs descriptions, you can see below:

  • Checking and doing all physical assessments of the patients.
  • Giving a brief explanation about the surgery and recovery process to the patients and families.
  • Doing collaboration and having discussions with doctors and other nurses before surgery.
  • Preparing and giving the exact proper amount of anesthesia that is needed by patients.
  • Taking quick response if there are serious situations during surgery.
  • Helping and assisting the patients who are under recovery. CRNAs need to ensure the safety and comfort of the patients.

About the Salary

Those CRNA job descriptions are not easy tasks to do. What CRNAs do plays critical roles in people’s lives. Based on those responsibilities, it is not surprising that the average salary of a CRNA is pretty high.

According to averageSalary.Co, the average CRNA can earn around $180,000 for their annual salary. The average salary of nurse anesthetists is the best-paying nursing specialty. When compared to the average salary of all other occupations, their income is twice that of other nurses.

Moreover, the average salary of CRNA can be different from one to another because it depends on where you work and the level of your work experience.