Average Salary of Physical Therapy Assistant

Average Salary of Physical Therapy Assistant

The terms of physical therapy assistant refers to a job which has been done by someone who has a degree even though the person should work under the monitoring of physical therapists. He/she had finished intensive education and received a degree. This is the reason why the average salary of a physical therapy assistant is promising.

Average Salary of Physical Therapy Assistant

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What is a Physical Therapist Assistant?

Physical therapy assistants work in various fields of health, including outpatient physical therapy clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, home health agencies, and schools.

Physical therapy assistant usually works in a team. They treat patients who have injuries and pain in certain parts of their body that restrict the patient’s movement and activities. Therefore, the treatment which is given to patients is therapy not medicine.

When talking about health or illness, a physical therapy assistant is rarely talked about, even though it has an important role in the health sector.

Job Description

Physical therapy assistants’ job is to help physical therapists in treating patients who are healing from injuries based on instructions given by the therapist. At work, physical therapy assistants are tasked to control patients ’ process and progress, and then inform them to physical therapists.

In addition, physical therapy assistants also help patients in doing therapy with specific movements while doing medication. One of the movements is balance training, and also there are other treatment methods. The people who got the therapy are from any age, from babies until elderly.

The therapy’s movement is designed to increase mobility, relieve pain, prevent therapy or limit permanent disability and improve total fitness. By doing it regularly, it is hoped that the patients can recover their injuries and be able to do activities as they used to be.

Physical Therapy Assistants’ Duties

The following duties are usually done by a physical therapy’s assistant:

  • Transcribe the patients’ process and progress
  • Giving the patients’ family understanding about the treatments, so that the family can help patients at home
  • Provide special massage technique to speed healing process
  • Using therapeutic ultrasound
  • Spending time with therapist talking about patients’ progress
  • Make a wise decision about patients’ treatment

Physical Therapy Assistants’ Education

This kind of treatment is still less available in few countries. To treat the people who got injuries and pain, some countries still use common ways of medication such as taking medicine not therapy.

In fact, a physical therapy assistant must have certain abilities by having education. First, you need to attend high school diploma, then pass an accredited physical therapist assistant programme for practice. This programme lasts at least for 2 years.

In addition, as a physical therapy assistant you also should have clinical and classroom study experience. Then, you need to pass the licensure exam which is conducted after passing an accredited programme.

Being a physical therapy assistant is a formally educated profession. It is not surprising that the average salary of a physical therapy assistant is high even just as an assistant. Thus, you need to prepare yourself well to become competent.