Average Starting Salary for a Mechanical Engineer

Average Starting Salary for a Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer is one of the most needed professions in this modern era, especially by manufactured companies with lots of needs of all kinds of machineries, such as mine companies, automotive companies, and development of natural resources. The average starting salary for a mechanical engineer is $63,055 per year

The role of mechanical engineering is not only for multinational companies, but it also started to reach small companies at homes. Being the most wanted job, the average starting salary for a mechanical engineer is $63,055 per year and it is included as a good starting salary. The range itself came in about $45,341 – $70,792.

Average Starting Salary for a Mechanical Engineer

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What is a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical engineer is a profession that applies the physics for designing, analyzing, manufacturing, and maintaining machines. As a mechanical engineer, it is required a good understanding and knowledge on mechanics, kinematics, materials engineering, and thermodynamics.

Mechanical engineers use their expertise to make all kinds of machinery, like cars, airplanes, industrial equipment and machineries. A mechanical engineer has to keep up to the evolution of technology. The growth of machinery will be more and more sophisticated over the times, as the growth of the technology itself.

What is The Job of a Mechanical Engineer?

– Make the concept of machine-making and assess the performance of the machine

A mechanical engineer has to be able to make a machine concept and design. After the machine is finished, a mechanical engineer should assess the performance so it can be evaluated, does it need an improvement or not.

– Make sure the machine works properly, safe, and efficient

Every machine and products made by a mechanical engineer are their responsibilities. The mechanical engineers have to make sure that the machine works good as needed by the clients, doesn’t contain dangerous material and harm the users, and also efficient, on the budget, on the electricity usage, and others.

– Approving budgeting, work timeline and make the agreements with the client

Mechanical engineer provides service on machinery making and design for clients. They should understand about the budgeting of the materials needed for building the machine as required and making the agreement, also on the timeline and deadline with the clients.

– Communicate with Suppliers

Mechanical engineer is considered as the one with the understanding of the materials that have to be prepared for making a machine according to the client’s request. They are also assigned to communicate with the suppliers to make sure the project has the right and best materials.

– Provide technical advice

Working in a company, a mechanical engineer has to be ready to make technical advice for machines not made by themselves.


The salary of a mechanical engineer will increase over time, especially with the upgrade on education like taking a master or management degree, or doctoral degree in mechanical engineering. Salary of a mechanical engineer will also depend on innovation, expertise, and in-depth knowledge.


Suggesting to trends of electrical, computers, and all kinds of machineries, mechanical engineer is a profession with a big potential. It is estimated to have wider demands ahead in the future. If you are interested in being one, you can start by choosing the best university with a good reputation for mechanical engineering.