Average Zookeeper Salary
Average Zookeeper Salary

Average Zookeeper Salary

Average Zookeeper Salary – Zookeepers are people who work in zoos. They care and protect animals that live in places which are made look like their real habitat such as zoos, aquariums (for water animals), and safari parks. Average zookeeper salary varies depending on the job desk.

Working as a zookeeper looked fun, but it takes a big responsibility to keep animals happy and good. The following are about zookeepers including job’s description, the average zookeeper salary, work places, and job’s qualification.

Average Zookeeper Salary

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
New York City, NY$45,017$3,751$866$21.64
San Mateo, CA$44,422$3,702$854$21.36
Boston, MA$42,993$3,583$827$20.67
Juneau, AK$42,988$3,582$827$20.67
Berkeley, CA$42,693$3,558$821$20.53
Daly City, CA$42,572$3,548$819$20.47
Santa Monica, CA$42,494$3,541$817$20.43
Quincy, MA$42,318$3,526$814$20.35
Renton, WA$42,296$3,525$813$20.33
Richmond, CA$41,922$3,494$806$20.15
Average Zookeeper Salary

Job’s Description

Have you ever visited a zoo or amusement park where you can see many various animals in one place? Zookeepers are people who work there to take care of the animals. In zookeepers’ job description, it must make sure that the animals in the zoo live well.

Zookeepers also should keep the animals as convenient as they do in their real habitat. Since a zoo and amusement park is a place visited by many people, zookeepers must ensure to keep animals safe and give understanding to visitors how to treat animals at zoos.

There are many zookeepers in a zoo or safari park because they usually specialise in working for a type of animal. For example, a zookeeper for a tiger is different from a zookeeper for a crocodile. Other sections of animals also have their own zookeepers.

Zookeepers have responsibilities to manage time to eat, sleep, play, and other things about their animals.

Job’s Duties

What does a zookeeper do? A zookeeper has a lot of things to do and here are some of them:

  • Keep the animal cage clean
  • Provide food and medicine or vitamin for the animals
  • Observe animal and check to keep the animal’s condition
  • Build and repair the place where animals live in the zoo to make sure it is look like their real habitat
  • Be creative to make animals happy and keep interested with the cage
  • Work with other professionals who have connection with animals such as vets
  • Educate visitor about the information of the animals and how to treat animals in the zoo
  • Note everyday about animals behaviour such as about birth, death, eating and sleep habit, and any other things
  • Train the animal’s behaviour to make a job as a zookeeper easier and safer.

Job’s Qualification

How to become a zookeeper? Actually, there is no specific qualification to become a zookeeper. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), education should have to become a zookeeper’s high school diploma. Although some also have bachelor’s degrees.

Bachelor’s degree which are related to this job among others biology, animal science, zoology or another life science.

Zookeepers take advantages that they can learn to be a good worker while doing their job. Thus, working experience is also something worth considering as a qualification for this job.

There are many animal lovers who work as volunteers. Their passion makes them want to work as a zookeeper who provides care for the animals alongside paid staff. Being a volunteer in this job will give you advantage in working experience which is one of the zookeeper’s qualifications.

Working Hours

A zookeeper does not have fixed working hours. They can work all year round even on weekends and holidays. It is because animals need care and attention every day. Zookeepers must also standby all the time. They might be called at one time outside the work shift if there is an urgent matter.

Zookeepers are required to be flexible regarding working time, even for overtime without being paid. Zookeepers are usually contracted for a short-term employment. But there are also those who work seasonally or part time.

Career Potential

As time goes by in carrying out tasks, zookeepers’ careers usually will get greater responsibility than before. Such as taking over a larger group of animals. But it also depends on each zoo, because career development for each zoo is different.

Some of the positions at the zoo include senior keeper, head of section, head keeper or senior head keeper. There are many things you can do as a zookeeper because in the future, the role and way of working in this field is keep changing and developing.

Average Zookeeper Salary

Zookeepers are paid hourly, weekly, monthly, or annually. According to averageSalary.Co, salaries vary depending on hours worked and level of work.

The average zookeeper salary for entry level in the United States is $38,571 per year. This number is also different for other states. The average zookeeper salary in New York is $45,017 per year. It is the highest rank which is above national average for an entry level zookeeper in the United States.

However, it is an interesting job that makes you meet any kind of animal everyday. Then, you also meet many visitors who come to the zoo. After all, the average zookeeper salary will not disappoint you.