Car Salesman Average Salary

Car Salesman Average Salary

A Car Salesman is still one of the most promising professions in the world, due to the increasing car sales from year to year. If you‘re dying to know about Car Salesman average salary and the benefits you can get, read the following review details.

Car Salesman Average Salary

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What is Car Salesman?

A Car Salesman is a salesperson in the car retail business. During the transaction of the car, a Car Salesman is an intermediary between the dealership he worked in and the customer. Commonly, Car Sales work for a car dealership to provide information, offers, suggestions, and also appropriate amenities to customers.

Car Salesman Job Description

Some of you might think that all a Car Salesman does it sells cars. But there are particular responsibilities of a Car Salesman. Specifically, there are numbers of jobs related to selling cars, and these are among the things:

  • To be a Car Salesman, you must be providing customers with specific information on various models. Such as features of all cars you sell, capabilities, characteristics, and also comparing various competitive types.
  • Taking customers for test drives while demonstrating the features of the cars offered at once.
  • Assist customers to find suitable cars that fit their needs, desires, and estimate budgets.
  • Negotiating the best sale price for both sides
  • Helping customers to complete necessary documents as purchase data.
  • A Car Salesman also do a good relationship with potential customers. Maintenance customer database would gain the likelihood of future sales. Also record sales, making sales plans, as well as helping in a showroom setting.

Car Salesman Requirements

You don’t need a specific degree to be a Car Salesman. What matters is outstanding work ethic and social skills with wide customer coverage. But there are few things to highlight about Car Salesman requirements:

  • Experience in selling motor vehicles will be an added value if you want to be a Car Salesman
  • You must be friendly, having a positive attitude, and professional appearance
  • To be a Car Salesman, you need to have great communication and also interpersonal skills
  • Have a strong passion for sales and can be focused on customer satisfaction-oriented
  • Tremendous negotiation skills and great customer service
  • It is also compulsory for a car salesman to be up to date with all the latest trends in the car industry.

What Aspect Affects Car Salesman Salary?

Almost all dealerships give a base salary for their Car Salesman. But the most advantage to be a Car Salesman is that you can make a lot of money if you’re willing to work harder. Here are some aspects that affect Car Salesman Salary:


The main thing that affects the average salary of Car Salesman is from the commission based on the number of cars you sell in a particular period. The accurate percentage can certainly be different from one dealership to another. Commonly 20-25 % from dealership’s profit.


A Car Salesman may also receive an incentive by selling add-ons in a high margin. These add-ons could be extended coverages, car alarm system, or financial products and gap insurance

Manufactures Incentive

Some manufactures offer specific incentives to dealers. Then the dealer could offer compensation to the Car Salesman to encourage him to sell certain models to the customers.

Well, apparently the Car Salesman responsibilities are not as simple as imagined. In any case, this job is still very interesting because the Car Salesman average salary is extremely tempting.