Child Life Specialist Average Salary
Child Life Specialist Average Salary

Child Life Specialist Average Salary

Child Life Specialist Average Salary – If you’re care, persistent and love working with children, a child life specialist is a good career path. This profession offers interesting work with nice rewards. To be sure, find out more about the child life specialist average salary here.

The exact amount of average salary in Florida may be varied. However, you can draw the estimates within this article. Besides, you’ll be also informed about the job descriptions, entry requirements and skills needed.

Child Life Specialist Average Salary

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
New York City, NY$62,442$5,203$1,201$30.02
San Mateo, CA$61,618$5,135$1,185$29.62
Boston, MA$59,635$4,970$1,147$28.67
Juneau, AK$59,629$4,969$1,147$28.67
Berkeley, CA$59,218$4,935$1,139$28.47
Daly City, CA$59,052$4,921$1,136$28.39
Santa Monica, CA$58,943$4,912$1,134$28.34
Quincy, MA$58,699$4,892$1,129$28.22
Renton, WA$58,668$4,889$1,128$28.21
Mountain View, CA$58,309$4,859$1,121$28.03
Child Life Specialist Average Salary


Child life specialists are health practitioners who work mostly in the pediatric department and directly correspond with children under the age of eighteen. The main concern is to assist kids and their relatives to manage the procedure of hospitalization.

These specialists are part of a health team that focus on providing supplementary care resources for children patients.

While they don’t give hands-on medical treatment, they tend to plan programs and activities to help kids adapt in medical-like settings.


As other health professionals, these specialists are typically labored in hospitals. However, most of them are working in pediatric department.

Some others are hired in less mutual settings such as institutes, dental care offices, and funeral homes. Other specialists choose to be independent contractors who transfer to several places depending on requests.

Tasks & Duties

Children specialists are not similar to other health care & treatment practitioners. As the work emphasis is on child psychosocial aspects including emotional, mental and social needs. They do some of the following activities in common.

  • Give care for children and families by implementing a variation of programs to assist them know the process of any therapeutic experiences.
  • Develop suitable tactics to minimize a patient’s trauma while following medical procedures.
  • Plan and develop special actions like therapeutic games, education, preparations, and events to encourage growth and progress.
  • Promote certain needs of the patients.
  • Help young (under 18) patients to attend medical practice and cope with any health environments.
  • Offer support, supervision and info to parents or other family members.
  • Cooperate with other health providers team to succeed care and treatment programs.
  • Provide counseling and perform non-direct care responsibilities.

It should be noted that the child life specialists’ tasks are determined by the workspace. However, wherever they work, this kind of specialist are merely involved with children and the families. In some cases, you will find the specialists also work with doctors, nurses, priests, or social laborers.

Entry Qualifications

To pursue a career in child life specialist needs a certain education background and certification.


Bachelor degrees in the field of child life education or other related areas is the most common prerequisite.

Graduating from other fields like child developments, psychologies, family studies, or childhood education is also preferred.

Another entry qualification is having child life specialists (CCLS)t, ACLP and CPR certifications. These certifications can only be obtained by completing internships and passing exams.


Being regarded as qualified child life specialists needs adequate prior experience in the field. You have enough experience working with kids. Also, it requires about 600 hours of attending an internship program in child life practices.

Skills Required

To be a successful pediatric requires some following skills.

  • Excellent medical terminologies and child development knowledge.
  • Strong counseling and social skills.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Care, empathetic and patient.

The averageSalary.Co site has provided all the details about the average salary of a child life specialist. If you think this career is the best fit for you, then prepare whatever you need to get started.