Diplomat Average Salary
Diplomat Average Salary

Diplomat Average Salary

Diplomat Average Salary – A Diplomat is a good career for you who likes to work abroad to promote your own country. But, it’s better to know how much a diplomat’s average salary can earn. No worries, here we have useful hints about annual salary for diplomats.

The diplomat salary established in countries may vary. Average Canadian diplomat salary is quite different if compared to Australia, US or UK. Yet, this article will give you a general sight of the diplomat’s average salary.

Diplomat Average Salary

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
San Mateo, CA$58,786$4,899$1,130$28.26
Richmond, CA$54,962$4,580$1,057$26.42
Stamford, CT$53,518$4,460$1,029$25.73
Bellevue, WA$53,390$4,449$1,027$25.67
Brooklyn, NY$52,714$4,393$1,014$25.34
New Haven, CT$52,247$4,354$1,005$25.12
San Francisco, CA$51,949$4,329$999$24.98
Lakes, AK$51,776$4,315$996$24.89
Brockton, MA$51,719$4,310$995$24.87
Paterson, NJ$51,287$4,274$986$24.66
Diplomat Average Salary

What’s Diplomat?

A diplomat is a national representative signifying a country abroad. It refers to a senior practitioner who conducts governmental negotiations to maintain relationships with other countries.

Diplomats usually work as associates of an embassy. They function to handle matters and affairs in relation to politics, social and economical relations with other countries. Sometimes a diplomat is also in charge with government or particular organization interest to the world.

What’s Diplomat Tasks & Responsibilities?

Diplomats’ roles may vary significantly depending on a certain area of concentration. However, they commonly seek to engage foreign governments, public groups or businesses. They primarily watch over three main areas including politics, consular and commercial.

The everyday tasks and responsibilities of diplomats may typically include the following actions.

  • Conducting consular events and activities.
  • Collaborating on economic, social, cultural, and political issues.
  • Managing day-to-day embassy operations.
  • Negotiating treaties and resolutions with foreign national officials.
  • Engaging and influencing non-governmental communities.
  • Representing and protecting the country’s interest.
  • Initiating and facilitating governmental strategic agreements.
  • Doing trade as well as commerce meetings.
  • Maintaining good relationships with other countries.

What Skills Required?

Diplomats occur in a variety of chances to represent a particular country. Most diplomats should acquire at least a bachelor’s degree. Some requirements skills are also needed, as follows.

  • Relationship building and negotiating skills.
  • Verbal and written communication skills.
  • Native and foreign languages skills.
  • Conflict resolution skills.
  • Judgement and integrity skills.
  • Resourceful and creative.
  • Problem solving skills.

Above all, diplomats should also be excellent in organizational and analytical skills to help them work for daily basis. They also need to have good leadership skills.

How to Become A Diplomat?

To pursue a career as a diplomat does not need a specific formal education background. It means you should only have a bachelor’s degree in closely related fields such as international relations.

However, many people who have ended up becoming diplomats are graduates from several subjects. These like economics, international relations, political science, or laws. Some offices may also hire advanced degree graduates in the fields.  

In addition to education requirements, according to averagesalary.co you might have a series of severe selection processes to apply for the job. This includes:

  • Written FSO (Foreign Service Officer) and personal narratives test.
  • Oral interview and role-playing practices test.
  • Medicinal and security approval review.

Once you apply for FSO, you then continue the procedure to fulfil extensive checks in regard with your dwelling and nationality. After completing the process and passing the tests, it’s your time to start your career as a diplomat.

Noted that if you haven’t acquired any corresponding degree, it’s better you have relevant work experiences in the related field.

You’ve got so much about the diplomat’s average salary in the prior review. Have you ready? Then continue preparing yourself to go through this field. Good luck.