Ecologist Average Salary
Ecologist Average Salary

Ecologist Average Salary

Ecologist Average Salary – Are you an environmentalist and being in search of an excellent upcoming career? You can consider being an ecologist. Before making a decision, you can examine how much an ecologist’s average salary in your country.

This review provides information about ecologist wages in the UK, Australia and other nations.

While you get the insights of possible income, you can also add knowledge to prepare for the career. Here we list several useful hints for the job. This article talks about the job meaning, tasks, academic qualifications, and required skills.

Ecologist Average Salary

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Sunnyvale, CA$72,240$6,020$1,389$34.73
Santa Rosa, CA$69,870$5,823$1,344$33.59
Williston, ND$68,743$5,729$1,322$33.05
Manhattan, NY$68,562$5,714$1,319$32.96
Cambridge, MA$67,714$5,643$1,302$32.55
Arlington, VA$67,332$5,611$1,295$32.37
Dickinson, ND$66,920$5,577$1,287$32.17
Ketchikan, AK$66,671$5,556$1,282$32.05
Vacaville, CA$66,413$5,534$1,277$31.93
New York City, NY$65,888$5,491$1,267$31.68
Ecologist Average Salary

What’s Ecologist?

Ecologists or so-called environmentalists are a scholar of ecology. They refer to biologists or specialist scientists who have studied the relationship between organisms and the environment. Their functions are to survey and investigate ecosystems and examine their behaviour, galore and diversity.

Where Does an Ecologist Work?

Ecologists primarily spend most of their time in the field to conduct scientific inquiry. So, where do ecologists work? Commonly they work for research institutions, conservational charities or any environmental projects.

Many ecologists also work for state or federal government natural resources agencies. They are liable to evaluate how sector projects of industry, public and commercial affect the environment.

Ecologist Roles & Tasks

The job roles and tasks of ecologists may involve the following actions.

  • Conduct ecological assessments.
  • Visit sites to do surveys for organisms (animals and plants) and the environment.
  • Conduct theoretical, laboratory and field studies.
  • Identify marshland delimitations and handle vanishing species managing.
  • Conduct habitat appraisals along with presence-absence investigations.
  • Collect specimens.
  • Manage gale water run-off and monitor the erosion control and constructions ventures.
  • Process, capture and analyse environmental data.
  • Compile methodical reports and discoveries.
  • Plan and oversee the fieldwork.
  • Stand-in as in-field frontrunner for subordinate staff and specialists.
  • Ensure agreement using safety rules and procedures.
  • Provide advice on environmental lawmaking.


What is required to be an ecologist? You should complete minimum requirements in the academic, experience, and skills as follows.


To enter an ecologist’s line, you need to complete an associate, undergraduate, and master degree in some relevant subjects. Subjects you may have for your background study includes:

  • Ecology
  • Biology (microbiology, botany, marine, conservation or zoology)
  • Botanical science
  • Geography.
  • Environment management.
  • Ecological science.
  • Forestry.
  • Any other related fields.

Besides, some companies also ask USFSW for scientific assembly permits. An apprenticeship is also helpful to encourage you entering this industry. This program is usually open to any people over the age of sixteen.


Pursuing an ecologist career also needs experiences; some companies ask for three years minimum. Practical experience is essential.

So, you can start to volunteer in any lab or research projects as early as possible. Other alternatives are to join nature centres and any related agencies.


Already have basic requirements and experience? Note that you should also have some skills needed for the career. Additional skills are beneficial to help you manage the roles in the work. Some of the required skills for ecologists include:

  • Computer skills.
  • Verbal and written communication skills.
  • Be able to work outdoors in hostile climatic settings.
  • Security minded.
  • Perceptive and analytical thinking skills.
  • Excellent in Math and English.

Ecologists are a noble job because they participate in saving our environment. Plus, according to averageSalary.Co, you can also be happy that the average ecologist’s salary is worth it.