Grant Writer Average Salary
Grant Writer Average Salary

Grant Writer Average Salary

Grant Writer Average Salary – Are you desperately looking for well-paying and continuous gigs by writing? Making money from being a writer isn’t easy, even unprofitable. However, you must have a different perspective if looking at the grant writer average salary.

This kind of writer profession is now considered as lucrative since it offers huge opportunities. Grant writers today are in elevated demand for any nonprofit agencies to help make money. 

See how much the annual salary and everything you should know about this profession in the list.

Grant Writer Average Salary

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Lakes, AK$64,675$5,390$1,244$31.09
San Francisco, CA$64,412$5,368$1,239$30.97
Santa Clara, CA$63,666$5,305$1,224$30.61
Washington, DC$62,807$5,234$1,208$30.20
Los Angeles, CA$62,084$5,174$1,194$29.85
Fremont, CA$61,987$5,166$1,192$29.80
Jersey City, NJ$61,275$5,106$1,178$29.46
Green River, WY$60,963$5,080$1,172$29.31
San Buenaventura, CA$60,961$5,080$1,172$29.31
San Jose, CA$60,930$5,078$1,172$29.29
Grant Writer Average Salary

What’s A Grant Writer?

A grant writer is a person who’s liable to compile information and prepare all important documents needed by a particular agency. The aim is to seek funding for the agency where he/she is working. In usual states, a grant writer function to write and compile documents for the grant needed in his/ger agency.

For ample non-profits agencies, guaranteed grants from various funding organizations become their life supply. That makes grant writers’ position crucial for they offer the greatest most consistent flows of funding for the non-profits.

What Are the Duties?

As mentioned before, a grant writer holds a key for seeking and maintaining grant funding from other organizations. 

The primary duties of a grant writer include the action of researching, drafting and submitting proposals and documents which assist the agency receive the funding. Here are some of the grant writers to do lists.

  • Do a research for finding the most fitted grants matched to the objectives and guidelines of the organization.
  • Make a draft and write proposals and complete any supporting documents to get the grants.
  • Submit the proposals funding and be responsible for any matters related to the project.
  • Help prepare the budget for the grant project.
  • Organize meetings and be in charge with annual reports, brochures, etc.
  • Do monitoring and tracking any kinds of funding proposals.

Types of Grant Writers

There are various types of grant writers having different tasks and average annual salary as well. Some writers may work with all procedures in getting funding, from writing proposals to maintaining relationships. Another type of the job is only related to a small particular portion of their duties.

The last type refers to those who’ve been named as freelance grant writers. Instead of working as staff in a particular office, freelance grant writers write proposals for more than one agency.

What Are Needed for Grant Writers?

There are three main points needed to be a grant writer. These include:

Education and training

Similar to authors or other writers, this job also needs educational background as well as training. You should have a bachelor’s degree in English, Marketing, Communication, Journalism, or other related.


For skills, the most crucial talent for it is the best writing skills. Other skills needed are research and organizational skills, interpersonal and computer skills. Sometimes you also asked to have ability in understanding grants funding and its matters.


Experience for this occupation isn’t actually needed. But if you have certification related to this path that might be very useful. In case you have experiences working in fundraising, communication or budgeting. Such backgrounds may be valuable to present.

Do Grant Writers Really Make Money?

Of course. This profession pays very well. Even for freelancers, this can make about $25 to $100 per hour. You can see the details of grant writer average salary in the very first line-up in this article.Finally, you know how much a grant writer’s average salary can make. With this kind of promising gig, why don’t you start enhancing skills to catch up to the higher level. Let’s make a move and earn more money from this fascinating job.