Human Resources Assistant Average Salary
Human Resources Assistant Average Salary

Human Resources Assistant Average Salary

Human resources assistant is one of positions to occupy if you are interested in working in an office. Do you need to know how much a human resources assistant average salary can make? In this review, you will find key information about this profession.

Instead of knowing how much the payment, you will get to know about the description of the position, the responsibilities, and the academic requirements. Also you will know more about the career path of an HR assistant for future. So, what is the average salary of an HR assistant? Let’s see the answer below.

Human Resources Assistant Average Salary

CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
San Francisco, CA$49,935$4,161$960$24.01
Fremont, CA$47,903$3,992$921$23.03
San Jose, CA$46,713$3,893$898$22.46
Oakland, CA$46,197$3,850$888$22.21
Tanaina, AK$46,052$3,838$886$22.14
Wasilla, AK$46,051$3,838$886$22.14
Sunnyvale, CA$45,307$3,776$871$21.78
Hayward, CA$45,229$3,769$870$21.74
Jackson, WY$45,039$3,753$866$21.65
Norwalk, CT$44,962$3,747$865$21.62
Human Resources Assistant Average Salary

What is HR Assistant?

Human Resources (HR) assistant refers to a qualified professional whose work is to handle everyday administrative matters in an office or organization. This job is in charge of maintaining officer records. Usually, HR assistants’ are connected closely to the HR director or manager.

They typically keep track and deliver useful information to the director about any human resource projects such as recruitment, hiring, training, etc. But, HR assistant is also responsible to work with other employees. This job may be like providing support and guidance for them.

Where Does an HR Assistant Work?

An HR assistant could work in an office or from home. This position is now available in huge numbers of places. You could be employed as an HR assistant in organizations, institutions, big companies, or start-up businesses. 

What HR Assistant Tasks?

The assistant of the HR manager has been responsible for several regular tasks and basics. They may perform some of the following:

  • Provide and keep track electronic and digital records of the employees.
  • Give response for employees and prepare benefit information for them.
  • Give an explanation about employee policy queries.
  • Support HR related requests, both in internal and external scales.
  • Provide customer service and data entry.
  • Write and submit reports for HR managers.
  • Arrange meetings, events, agendas, and interviews.
  • Maintain calendars for the department.
  • Give directions for other employees as well as customers.
  • Contribute in recruitment and performance supervision procedures.

Recently, HR assistant is also responsible for proceeding with payrolls. You should always update with the newest human resources trends and could apply the best practice.

What Is Required To Be HR Assistant?

To apply for a job in an HR assistant position, you have to acquire at least two major aspects, knowledge and skills. For knowledge aspects, it is crucial to have at least diploma high school or GED (General Equivalency Diploma). 

But, it’s now common that many organizations and businesses prefer to hire bachelors degrees from HR or related faculties.

For skills factors, a HR assistant should acquire the following needs:

  • Good communication, customer service and organizational skills.
  • Be confident.
  • Know about HR and employment laws.
  • Be accurate and be able to work with details.
  • Be able to work with other people.
  • Good verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work with English language (especially reading).
  • Be able to operate computers, work with programs and softwares.

HR Assistant Path & Progression

If you are experienced well, you can expand your career toward a greater and more promising path in an office. From an HR assistant, you can move forward to work as a human resources officer or join a team leader.

Have you found the answer to what is the average salary of an HR assistant from the above review? This is quite surprising, isn’t it? According to, the average human resource assistant salary turns out to be more reasonable than you might think.