Nurse Practitioner Average Salary

Nurse Practitioner Average Salary

Nurse practitioner jobs play a critical role in America’s healthcare outlook. Such medical professionals have been developed so immensely in the country. However, how much nurse practitioner average salary can actually earn?

To draw the answer, you can count on the details here. This article tells information about nurse payment and all about the job descriptions. There are also job requirements presented in the latter part.

Nurse Practitioner Average Salary

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Nurse Practitioner Definition

Nurse practitioners or NPs are advanced and licensed practicians who provide all kinds of individuals’ health care and treatments. Due to its independence, nurse practitioners are also called as clinicians. They have rights to operate their own clinical practices in states allowing full authorities.

Registered as advanced nurse health providers, NPs deliver progressive nursing practices for injured or sick people. They are also in charge with individual’s health assessment, management, and good habits health promotion.

Essential Duties

Nurse practitioners’ tasks and responsibilities may vary greatly by area specialties. However, NPs typically do some of the following as their day-to-day basis.

  • Record patients’ medical reports, symptoms and histories.
  • Conduct health assessments.
  • Make diagnoses on patient.
  • Examine and observe patient physical conditions.
  • Design patient care and treatment plans such as medication.
  • Order, manage or interpret patient diagnoses tests or other lab test results.
  • Monitor and operate medical tools and equipment.
  • Monitor and examine patient health issues.
  • Educate patient to develop good habits or prevent diseases.
  • Promote patients to sustain good health.
  • Communicate about health conditions or tests analysis with patients and families.
  • Collaborate and consult with other health care practitioners.
  • Provide trainings to patients and their families for managing or preventing injuries.

Like other health professionals, NPs duties can’t consider the job completed as the patients leave the clinics. They should put forward the outcomes which refer to patient’s healthiness and wellness.

Job Requirements

NPs career requires certain education background as well as training qualifications for the applicants. To begin working as NPs, you should complete the following requirements in the list below.

  • Master or Doctorate Degree in nursing programs.
  • Graduate of accredited schools of nursing.
  • Graduate of accredited nurse practitioner programs.
  • Licensure of APRN.
  • Licensed as RN in the state of working.
  • NPs certification in specific area.
  • Minimum 2-3 years’ experience in area specialty.


There are certain skills that should be possessed by future NPs, including:

Communication skills (listening, writing, speaking, interpersonal)

Nurse practitioners must have admirable communication and interpersonal skills. It is because they should communicate with patients or other professionals.

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

These skills help NPs to analyze laboratory test results, identify diseases and patients’ conditions. NPs must be able to evaluate patient condition and develop appropriate treatment plans.


Nurse practitioners are supposed to empathize with sick and concern to patients or the families.

Leadership skill

Such skills will assist NPs when working with other staff in certain healthcare teams.

Computer skills

NPs must have strong communication skills including Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. Presentation or other computer apps and software.

Work Settings

NPs typically work in healthcare providers such as hospital, physician office, outpatient care centres. Some practitioners may provide homecare.

However, the location of working might be various. It depends on the NPs subspecialties. There are numbers or NPs specialists like psychiatric, pediatric, family, neonatal, acute care, dermatology, etc.

Whether in family care, acute care, or women’s health care, nurse practitioner average salary is still awesome. This then results in increasing numbers of the job applicants.