Average Salary with College Degree vs Without

Average Salary with College Degree vs Without

Degrees can just make jobs, but cannot help further anyone who has no skills and experience. Still, you may wonder if there’s a huge difference in average salary with college degree vs without. No worries, here you’ll find the income gap of both in this article.

We’ve collected a bunch of reviews about the average salary with and without a college degree in 2018, 2019 and the recent time. Besides, we also list the highest salaried jobs for the both. At the end, we’ll give you a sight on how essential a degree is in earning a job for the forthcoming.

Average Salary with College Degree vs Without

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Good Salary Jobs for College Degree

It’s not an issue that a college degree can potentially increase one’s employment outlook and earn a good salary. You have looked for plentiful jobs with satisfying payment intended for those who graduate from colleges.

Here we will make a list of the uppermost paying careers for university graduates. The jobs include a wide range of entry levels from fresh graduate of bachelor’s program to postgraduate education.

1. Computer Scientists

The payment for this major is very high. The yearly payment could attain up to $118,000.

2. Business Administrative Managers

The average salary of managers for such degrees may be highly flexible. It is around $96,000 a year.

3. IT Professionals

The annual salary of IT professionals is quite satisfying which is over $86.000. Besides, this career is also promising since its demand has grown farther than any other jobs.

4. Nurses

Nursing is regarded as a hard and challenging profession while highly rewarding. The salary of nurses attains up to $71,000/year. This number is potentially increasing if you’re educated in specialized nursing programs.

5. Human Resource Managers

HR manager salary may vary significantly based on offices or companies you’re working on. In general, the benefits of working as a HR manager would make you earn a salary about $121,000/year plus the annual salary up to $60,000.

Aside from the top-5 highest payment career, there are still other positions to present. They include medical professionals, marketing managers, healthcare managers, and accountants.

Highest Paying Salary of Associates or No Degree

Not having a degree or high-level education background isn’t a sin. No worries, you can still make money.

There are plenty of good pay jobs that don’t need a college degree. Here are the highest-paying jobs requiring an associate’s degree, diploma or even apprenticeship.

ProfessionsMedian Salary
Air traffic controller$122,990
Nuclear technician$82,080
Web developers$73,760
Aeronautical technicians$66,020
Police Officers$65,170
Radiologic technologists$62,280
Executive assistants$60,890
Occupational therapy assistants$59,200
Hearing aid specialists$53,420
Wind turbine technicians$52,910
Real estate agents$50,730
Sheet metal workers$50,400

Additionally, there are several jobs with no degree requirements that earns median salary below $50,00. They include:

  • carpenters
  • surgical technologists
  • licensed practical nurses
  • masonry workers
  • sound engineering technicians
  • solar system installers.

Are Degrees Essential?

Obtaining a college degree is a starting point to open more job opportunities in the future life. While a degree is not enough since you should also have other qualities like skills, experiences, and training.

However, career and salary prospects for those who get a degree are more promising than who don’t. That’s why it is essential for you to earn a degree for getting a better job outlook and paying. Earning college degrees also offers some benefits such as:

  • Making more funds.
  • Providing better career occasions.
  • Offering job security and pleasure.
  • Part of investment for the future.
  • Enlarging networking.

Now you see the average salary with a college degree vs without. Have you already decided what to do next? Maybe it’s better to qualify yourself not just from a degree, but also skills and good behaviour.

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